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SquarePeg sources all eligible candidates and sends you a curated batch of top talent with the data to back it up. SquarePeg is a smart recruitment platform that leverages data at every step to source, screen, and hire the right talent. With science-backed behavioral assessments, it goes beyond resumes, delivering a superior candidate experience.



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We designed analytics screens for SquarePeg, encompassing characteristics like funnel, diversity, performance, comparison, and decision metrics. Our work extends to candidate comparison, offering an overview and detailed insights presented through graphs and other analytical visuals. Notably, we crafted these screens with options for both light and dark modes, providing users with a versatile and visually pleasing experience. These design improvements enhance SquarePeg's intelligent recruitment platform, providing a holistic solution for efficient talent sourcing, screening, and hiring, supported by data throughout the process.


SquarePeg has revolutionized hiring with its end-to-end recruiting automation platform. Trusted by leading companies such as BBC Worldwide, Samsung Next, American Express, and others, it streamlines talent sourcing, simplifies recruitment management, and delivers valuable insights through data analytics. The platform offers a superior hiring experience with science-backed behavioral assessments, going beyond resumes to understand candidates uniquely.

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Presenting our work for SquarePeg, where we designed analytics screens to enhance their recruitment platform with versatile light and dark mode options