Afterparty, backed by a strategic investment from Paris Hilton, is a cutting-edge social platform with an Afterparty House in the Hollywood Hills, serving as a gallery for its NFT company. The house hosts exclusive minting parties for the Utopian NFT collection, offering an intimate experience for holders. With a focus on community, Afterparty aims to reshape the creator economy by empowering influencers to create and sell their own NFTs, providing all-access passes to their events for fans.



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In preparation for launching Afterparty, we designed an eye-catching website with a vibrant color scheme and an AI-inspired aesthetic, focusing on creating visually consistent and engaging Desktop and Mobile homepages. Additionally, we designed the ticket claiming and marketplace sections to ensure seamless and visually appealing user interaction.


Afterparty, the platform revolutionizing creator-fan connections and monetization, has achieved remarkable success, securing $5 million in funding in a strategic growth round led by Blockchange Ventures. This funding fuels Afterparty's expansion into AI-driven voice, photo, and video messaging, creating new dimensions for personalized fan interactions. The platform, already known for live streaming, 1:1 chats, and collectibles, introduces Afterparty AI for scalable, fan-generated content on the blockchain. With a total capital of $12 million, Afterparty is well-poised to tap into the booming $480 billion creator economy.

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We designed a visually engaging website with AI-inspired aesthetics, ensuring consistency across Desktop and Mobile homepages, along with seamless ticket claiming and marketplace sections