Mission Labs

At Mission Lab, creators come first as they do everything to make an artist's transition from traditional media to digital media as seamless as possible. Committed to equity, access, and opportunity, Mission Labs also partners with organizations addressing core barriers, including medical debt relief, legal aid through the ACLU Foundation, and education initiatives with Room to Read.


Mission Labs

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We took a hands-on approach in shaping Mission Lab's brand identity, starting with the thoughtful design and iteration of their logo. Our process extended to curating a cohesive branding experience, selecting fonts, choosing relevant colors, and crafting impactful logo mockups. This comprehensive design strategy not only visually represents Mission Lab's commitment to prioritizing creators but also ensures a seamless transition from traditional to digital media.


Mission Labs has successfully empowered artists and creators in transitioning from traditional to digital media, emphasizing fairness and equity. Their vision for a world where creators are valued aligns with core principles guiding their approach. Initiatives addressing equity and opportunity demonstrate a commitment to positive societal impact. The experienced founding team, hailing from major brands like Facebook and Reddit, contributes significantly to Mission Labs' success in building disruptive technologies and promoting equity in the digital landscape.

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We created Mission Lab's brand identity with a logo design and cohesive brand experience, reflecting their commitment to creators and ensuring a seamless transition to digital media