Advocat was founded to make contracting accessible to all. After an enterprise customer decides to purchase your product, getting to the signature stage and closing the deal can be a long, painful process. That’s why Advocat’s mission is to provide technology businesses the expertise, speed, and efficiency of an enterprise-level deal desk team, all within Advocat’s platform.



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We started by shaping Advocat's brand - choosing colors, fonts, and crafting a unique logo and mockups. From there, we designed their whole website, creating a visually appealing platform. This design reflects Advocat's mission to simplify contracting for tech businesses, offering expertise and efficiency within their platform. Our work embodies their commitment to a streamlined process and an enhanced user experience.


Advocat AI recently secured $1.3 million in strategic financing from investors like Spark Growth Ventures and San Diego Angel Conference, boosting development and expanding teams for accelerated customer acquisition. As a Microsoft Partner, Advocat AI actively engages in programs such as Microsoft for Startups, Seattle Angel Conference, Women In Cloud, Create22, and M12’s Female Founders Competition. Spark Growth Ventures' Managing Partner, Hem Suri, praises Advocat AI for innovation, diverse skill sets, and leadership in transforming legal tech.

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Presenting a unique logo, colors, and fonts, designing a visually appealing website that embodies their mission to simplify contracting for tech businesses with expertise and efficiency