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Checking-in has never been more fun:
Get rewarded for telling everyone where you go and what you do.

Explore your digital history with Rewind.Me, a reward-based iPhone application that allows you to visualize your past check-in data. See your personal social data in real-time.

Rewind.Me aggregates all of your check-ins to let you know where you’ve been and where you want to be.

The Concept

Imagine a digital experience where you can see where you’ve been and get rewarded for it. With simply an idea for a check-in aggregator, Awesome was approached with the challenge of creating a user-friendly mobile interface. Rewind.Me was born.

Wireframes Galore

The most significant process in the creation of Rewind.Me was the User Experience stage. The application experience had to be natural to the user, and the interaction had to be seamless. We took the time to discuss and lay out the intricate details of how the user would interact with the app. Perfecting the final wireframes, which included step-by-step screen direction and button functionality documentation, made the design process smoother and more efficient.

The Strategy & UX

Every project begins with an in-depth analysis of the user’s experience. Collaborated ideas combined with detailed wireframes define how a user will interact with the interface. Our wireframes are almost as visually appealing as our interface designs. We believe that doing it right from the beginning makes an impactful difference (and any developer will agree).

Flow &

Screen-flow documentation was included with the wireframes for the app, which proved useful during development.

The Design

Rewind.Me brand is vibrant and fun, but the application needed to focus on being user-friendly and functional. The goal was to represent these elements seamlessly, and that was our design mentality while designing. The iPhone environment allowed for flexibility of usability elements, and we took full advantage of that.

Trial & Error

As a startup-focused agency, we don’t believe in one solution. We design with a trial and error mentality, and provided different options for the client to choose from. We keep trying until we get it right. It gave them peace of mind and us a reason to keep designing.

Simplification for the User is Our #1 Priority

Multiple facets of the application were presented in a cohesive manner.

Categorical Organization

Dividing user data by category is the main functionality of the app, and we presented this cleanly.


Based on your activity, Rewind.Me scores you, which reflects your long-term activity levels per category.


Familiar imagery was vital in this data-focused application. We purposefully chose very specific icons to convey accuracy to the user.

The Results

Working with startups is our passion. We love to work with motivated people with real desire to be successful.

Being able to measure the success of our clients gets us out of bed in the morning. Rewind.Me has become an invested, successful application and we couldn’t be prouder.