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Social connectivity has become primarily associated with the digital world.
It’s time to meet real people near you that share your real interests.

There are so many social networking apps on the market. How often are you friends with people you want to know? Folks wants that answer to be “always.”

Based on both location and interests, the iPhone app connects you with people you actually want to be connected with. Finally, a social app that you can actually use.

The Concept

Folks is location AND interest based. By creating groups (called ‘tribes’) around the people who have similar interests to yours, real-time social interaction is encouraged. The intuitively-designed accuracy indicator allows each user to set and manage the geographical area they want to be available in. This, paired with a complete set of wireframes, allowed us to determine how the user would intuitively and effortlessly navigate through the application.

The Design

The design challenge for Folks was representing the numerous elements of the application in a user-friendly, clean format. Associating each functionality with a color was the most logical path to take. Through numerous color scheme variations, we eventually decided on a palette that worked for the identity of Folks as well as for the user’s eye (or more realistically, their brain).

Branding & Creative Process

The Core idea for the branding of the app and the logo was atoms and their natural tendency to cling together, much like we as social beings do. We used this idea throughout the entire design and made a coherent, comprehensive branding identity for Folks. As with all of our design work, we presented the client with multiple options and explanations and collaborated as a team to make the most logical decisions.

It’s the tiny details that define what makes a design worthwhile.

We always choose design elements carefully, and make sure they seamlessly flow with our design.


We designed options for the client to choose from; we don’t mind the extra work to get it perfect.

Location based

Nothing flies under the radar: We designed specialty location-based coupons exclusively for Folks.