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Your dog is like your child. You feed it, bathe it, walk it, and take pictures of it. Isn’t it about time that they have their own social profile?

Dog Amigo, a startup currently in private beta, aims to become a social networking website connecting local dog owners.

Awesome was approached by the early stage startup with a limited budget and the desire to identify the features necessary to create a viable product.

Browser Mockup

The Concept

The concept was simple: create a social network where dog owners could connect with each other and pet professionals.

User Experience

We took the time to figure out not only what dog owner’s want, but what they prefer. From our extensive research, including talking to actual dog owners, we discovered the need for tailored and customizable profiles, which became an influential aspect of the site.

The Concept

The Strategy & UX

After the in-depth discovery and research phase, the definition of the user’s experience was refined through detailed wireframes. We always take our time to construct the most comprehensive UX elements to make the transition into the interface design seamless and rapid.

The Design

Easy. This word was present throughout the entire project and was our main focus. We implemented the ‘quick signup’ strategy to get the user started immediately. Everyone knows that a long sign-up process is a turn-off.

Fun, Yet Focused

Dog Amigo is a fun, vibrant brand, which we represented through the color scheme and iconography. Tying everything together with specific icons and imagery allowed the client to think of the site as a brand, not just a stagnant website.

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What the user wants is most important to us.

Research is a major part of our process, and we never start a project without it.

Variety of Components & Unique Features

Each user on Dog Amigo has different needs, and we represented that through their personalized profiles. 

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