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Cooking has always been a vital part of everyone’s life.
Shouldn’t you have fun while doing it?

What if you could break the monotony and have fun while cooking? This question was the catalyst for the creation of Cookinc. The kitchen isn’t just a place for 50’s housewives.

The perfect marriage of humor, food, current events, and a user-generated community created a great opportunity for us to design something fun and functional.

The Concept

The concept revolved around meshing pop culture and cooking to create a fun application that allowed for complete user interaction. It’s an application, a magazine, a cooking resource, a social platform, and everything in between.

The User Experience

Our primary focus before we get our hands dirty in design is the UX, or user experience. How a user interacts with the product must be concretely defined prior to any interface design action. Taking the time to conduct in-depth creative research, we discovered what potential Cookinc users wanted. Then we took that research and applied it to carefully constructed wireframes, which we presented to the client. These mockups are the original ideas for Cookinc that eventually evolved into the final design.

Business Plan

In addition to the design of the magazine, we wrote a comprehensive business plan for Cookinc. Our focus was on investor pitches and what made the magazine stand out in the saturated app market. We conducted primary research in the form of customer surveys to gather real-time data about what users actually cared about.

Financials & Numbers

After deep research into every potential financial aspect of the startup, we developed an accurate financial plan that included projections for: payroll, cash flow, and profit & loss for the business.

The Design

The Cookinc brand is vibrant and fun, but the application needed to focus on being user-friendly and functional. The goal was to represent these elements seamlessly, and that was our design mentality while designing. The iPad environment allowed for flexibility of usability elements, and we took full advantage of that.


Designing for a tablet, specifically an iPad, allows for increased interactivity for a user, which makes it much more fun to design. A touch-based interface has its advantages, and we utilized the social aspect of the app by integrating sharing options for each element of the magazine.

Our step-by-step process makes everything simple for the user.

…and simple is always the best route to take.

Above and Beyond

We had a little extra time, so we decided to provide some extra designs for the client’s use to supplement the app.


Choosing key ingredients, we presented the client with clean, vibrant ingredient-based designs highlighting the “Veg of the Week.”

Imagery & Typography

We always go the extra mile to make sure that the imagery is perfect, and the content is readable. Using clean typography and stunning visuals gave us the opportunity to present the user with the content they wanted in the way they wanted it: exciting and engaging.